5 SEO techniques that you should know!

5 SEO techniques that you should know!
5 SEO techniques that you should know!

If you are doing a business, you can’t avoid marketing.  If you are marketing your products/ services through a website, SEO is the most significant part of marketing. Today, we will show you 5 techniques to do SEO. 

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process to get more people to see your website. 

If you are doing business concerning Software Development, you should do SEO to push your website ranked in the first page of google search so people will see your website, visit your website and see what you are providing.  

5 Techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

5 Techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
5 Techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Don’t Use Wrong Keywords 

People might understand that when you do SEO, you have to put more keywords in your articles, but this doesn’t work.  Actually, Google will analyze the time spent by people who visited your website.  If you put many Keywords but your article is incomprehensible, people will go visiting other websites that have better content.  Thus, you should put only a few Keywords in your articles. The articles should be around 500-800 words.   Try to use a similar Keyword so your website will rank in the top three pages of Google Search.

Produce Unique Content 

You have to create content that is very unique, no copy or duplicate.  If you copy the content from others, there is no need for people to visit your website because they can read this type of article from somewhere else. We have to produce unique and comprehensible content, so people will get something back after they read our articles.  

Regularly Update Website 

Try to update the website regularly.  Do not leave the website unmovement.  If you are not updating your website, the website will not go to the first page of Google Search.  You should update the content on your website regularly and try to use keyword such as  “updated 2022” in your article.  

Follow Google’s Rules 

Google has its updates about the rules that we should follow. We should follow the updated rules and regulations that Google has announced.  

Check Speed of Website

You should check the speed of your website regularly so that people who come visiting your website will read and experience the website flawlessly.  

All are 5 techniques of doing SEO.  If you feel that your website does not reach people as much as you expect, try to use the aforementioned methods.  

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