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Let's develop your website to stand out. and different from others with professional UX/UI design that will make your website of your business goes a step further.

What are the benefits of UX/UI?

Improve website appearance, attract more users
Make your website differ from competitor, be unique
Advance your business to the next level
Improve your services and businesses credibility
UX/UI design

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Layout your application to be more structured and easier to use so it can attract more users to your platform allowing more people access to your business
UX design

UX Design

Giving great experiences to users, seamless website page, meet the need of customers
UI design

UI Design

Design appearance to be more beautiful, make website be more outstanding so your business will seem professional
QA design

QA Design

Guarantee website quality that it will work flawlessly and efficiently
QA design


Expert testing ensures that the website will function as effectively as possible and will satisfy users.
Design Mobile

Mobile UX/UI Design

Create applications for the Mobile platform so that users can use them. Both iOS and Android users will have a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.
User Research

User Research

Investigate users thoroughly in order to develop to meet their needs. Users are extremely satisfied. Let's get back to using.
Expert team

UX/UI specialist

Expert development team is capable of making the project stunning and functional.

Our Project


POXEL is an NFT Platform for displaying the NFT Collection inspired by aquarium, zoo, or exhibition hall, which will be displayed in the form of Pixel Art with Isometric Perspectives integrated on NFT Living, Land designed specifically for exhibition Experience a new way of sharing and viewing your friends' collections like never before.
Poxel ipad
Masaku ipad


Masuku is a new NFT Collection of Magical Masks. Whoever wears Masuku Mask will be powerful and incomprehensible power. There are different types of magical masks including colors and shapes. Yet, there is only one which possesses the most powerful power; that is, “The First Masuku Mask” which is believed to be made by the Demon Lord from ten thousand years ago

Thai Active

Website E-learning for elderly. This website is for elderly classroom. Using large text and bright color to make it easy to read for elderly. The website allow the eldery to view, learn. The website can allow the elderly to view, learn, find courses and find events or activities that meet their needs.
Thai Active ipad

Why Astra Studio?

experienced team

Experienced Team

we have an experienced team that can advise you in every step
customer centric

Customer Centric

You will participate in every step of the work as you are our priority
full services

Full Services

We offer a seamlessly full-ranges of services for your convenience


we offer 1-month after service care for quality of work products without additional cost

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1. Research


2. Interface architecture


3. Wireframes


4. Interface User


5. Testing

1. Research

A team of UX UI experts analyzes and anticipates user needs. Determine which type of UX UI design will be most effective.

FAQ UX/UI website design services

UX/UI website design services

Astra Studio focuses on website design. We can offer user experience services which include UX and UI those are convenient, user-friendly, and simple to use. It can cn be simple to apply based on best practices that are proven in use Accessibility and compatibility.

UX/UI Moblie Design

How much does a website design cost?

How important is UX/UI?