Get to know benefits of Membership NFT

Get to know benefits of Membership NFT
Get to know benefits of Membership NFT

Everyone may be familiar with the fact that NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) only exists in the form of digital assets.

But now there is a new system that is bringing NFT to make Membership in order to enhance a new user experience.  

Example of Membership NFT
Example of Membership NFT

What’s NFT (Non-Fungible-Token)?

NFT ( Non – Fungible token) is a digital asset which cannot be duplicated or copied. 

NFT can be anything such as art, music, game or collectibles.  All of this stuff can be made into an NFT.

Why choose NFT Membership?

NFT membership offers more benefits than general membership. Since the NFT membership system is used to operate with the blockchain, it is difficult to counterfeit and also can prevent fraud. Users don’t have to worry about losing their membership card anymore.

Those who are members will be granted privileges to access more services than others such as access to specific clubs, special events, exclusive access to artists up close including access to exclusive content before anyone else, which is available only for NFT holders.

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Example of Membership NFT

BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club)

One of the popular examples of NFT Membership is the BAYC project. As we might be well aware, BAYC members must hold the BAYC NFT in order to be able to purchase the next NFT, including special events. This plan is to prepare to open the world of Metaverse, prepare for members to come and visit Metaverse before everyone else.


An arts and music festival that only offers specific NFT holders.  The holders can attend the annual festival, have an early access to purchases NFT before anyone else and the members can also resell it as well. There are also many benefits which provide new experiences to users.


Steve Aoki’s Metaverse World, where NFT holders will attend a virtual show and access to Steve Aoki’s merchandise and more. The Passport is sold as NFT like a small gimmick. This pass allows you to participate in a virtual show, access to Steve Aoki’s merchandise and more.

You can see that NFT membership is different from the traditional membership system because in addition to having various privileges, it is also like an investment. By doing this, your business will be different from what it used to be.

If you are interested in NFT Membership, Astra Studio has a team of experts that can help you from the beginning until your products are launched. You can be confident that your work will turn out as efficiently as possible.

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