Review Moo Monster: Astra Studio’s Game (Play to Earn)

Today we’re gonna talk about Moo Monster: A NFT game created by Astra Studio.  

Review Moo Monster: Astra Studio’s Game (Play to Earn)
Event of Binance NFT & Moo Monster

Event of Binance NFT & Moo Monster

At this time, Moo Monster has launched a special campaign on Binance NFT Exclusive Moo Monster Mystery Box.  The event is a sale of NFT egg on Binance NFT.  This campaign is the first event ever in Thailand which was created by a Thai team.  The campaign started from 15 June 2022 onward and there are 4,000 boxes for all!

What is Moo Monster?

Moo Monster: The NFT game created by Thai team.  

Moo Monster is a Play to Earn game like RPG. There is a metaverse in game called Mooniverse. Players will have their own roles as an adventurer.  When you wake up, you will see the “Mooniverse”.  The new land of Moo Monster.  We may face danger in the game and find the way to go back to our planet earth.

Moo Monster Game Mode

Game Mode


Required fighting skill with others show your skills to others.


Go on an adventure with your partner Moomon to overcome each level.

Open World

Go on an adventure in a wide world more than 8 continents in Mooniverse waiting for you to explore.


Travel in Mooniverse meet, talk and interact with other players here.

NFT (Non Fungible Token) in Moo Monster

NFT (Non Fungible Token) in game 

Baby D-Bolt I

Baby D the youngest piglet 0-3 years old and cannot fight with others they can grow up by EXP when fighting.

Land NFT

Land on Mooniverse maybe able to receive exclusive privileges if you are landlords.

Metaverse Fashion

Change styles up to you wear them in Metaverse World.

Human Equipment

Fashion for character in game enhance strength for us when fighting

Tokenomics in Moo Monster game

– DEX, NFT Marketplace

– Partner Staking

– Event

– Staking Earn NFT

– Gachapon

– Game Ecosystem

Moo Monster can be downloaded and played on both iOS and Android.  If you are interested, please click download at the links below:



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