What is Web 3.0 and How can it change your future forever?

What is Web 3.0

What is Web 3.0 and how does it differ from the usual web that we use nowaday? Why do we need to use Web 3.0?

This content will inform you of the progress of Web from 1.0 to 3.0

Web 1.0 (Read-only)  was created in B.E. 2533-2548.  Web 1.0 is the origin of the homepage where users can use the internet to read information, content online but could not comment on anything on the post.  Web 1.0 was created with HTML technology.  It is a one-way communication, no interaction between parties.  Web 1.0 is such as Google and Yahoo

WEB 2.0 (Read&Write) was created in B.E.  2548-2563 and developed two-ways communications.  Therefore, users can read and comment on the content. Users can interact in Web 2.0 more than Web 1.0.  Users can create content on Web 2.0.  Online community originated from Web 2.0.  Development of Web 2.0 helps businesses communicate with clients better.  The platforms using Web 2.0 are such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

WEB 3.0 (Read, Write and Execute) was invented in B.E. 2563 until present.  Development of Web 3.0 is bringing the use of Blockchain technology to improve user experience.  Users can participate in Web 3.0 as part of the shareholder and the admin of website protocol.  Users can launch digital token on Web 3.0 and implement voting rights of shareholders programming in the digital token.  The platforms using Web 3.0 are such as Fliecoin, Brave and OpenSea.

We can see that every renowned company is adopting Web 3.0 to reach more customers.  Business operations can be funny and innovative by using Web 3.0. 

For example of Web 3.0 use case, Mashmellow DJ launched a Live Concert in the Fortnite game and there were 10 million participants.  Louis Vuitton decided to become involved in the NFT industry and Metaverse.  

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